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Famous Churches in Phoenix Arizona


St. Mary’s Basilica is located in downtown Phoenix on the corner of 18th Street and Monroe. It was built in 1928. The rear of the building is on 18th Street, and the front is on Monroe.

The basilica is made of steel, concrete, block, and brick. Thirty-six windows line both sides of each nave (central aisle). The windows were designed to let light pour into the Church while giving an impression of majesty and grandeur.

Stained glass windows run along both sides of each nave with nine showcasing Arizona’s Native Americans; five showing bishops who had more than local significance; one window containing pagan symbols; several depicting various Catholic rites; a veil from the “Tempietto” in Rome over which Pope Alexander VII prayed before deciding whether to enter public life after being elected pontiff at age 51; and one of the three windows with scenes from St. Louis’ life for which he is best known, his exile in France after refusing to give up the Church’s right to appoint bishops.

“When you look at this building with all its stained glass, it does say ‘glorious,'” said Sister Eileen Bezak, who has been a revenue officer for 25 years and director of development since 1992. “Now we’re asking other people to glorify God by even more donations.”

After raising about $15 million, the sisters are trying to raise another $10 million to improve areas that visitors will see.

So far, they have replaced their electrical system and hope to raise enough money to replace their heating and air conditioning systems in the coming years. They also want to replace the roof on the east facade of the basilica’s three-story atrium; build a handicapped ramp; replace all lighting with energy-efficient bulbs; replace exterior doors, and install an elevator for use by preachers working in the pulpit.


Located on 40th Street, St. Francis Xavier Parish was founded in the early twentieth century to serve the spiritual needs of immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The parish first met in a wood-framed house erected on the corner of 40th Street and Thomas Road. By 1934, St. Francis Xavier Parish had outgrown its original location, and it moved to its second home located at Central Avenue and Glenrosa Avenue (currently 902 North 41st Place).

Designed by architect Charles W. Bolton (1889-1973), construction began on St. Francis Xavier Church in 1946, with groundbreaking ceremonies held on May 23, 1946 (with Edward Cardinal Mooney presiding). It took two years to complete the construction of this landmark church and was dedicated on May 31, 1948. The final price tag for the new Church was $500,000. [1]

The design of St. Francis Xavier Church is an example of the Spanish Colonial Revival and Art Deco styles, and the one-story building extends around all four sides and features a bell tower above the main entrance. Because it has been in continuous use by the parish since its dedication, there have been very few changes to the exterior of this historic structure. Even though there have been no significant renovations or repairs to this Church since its construction (and because of Phoenix’s hot summer climate), it has remained structurally sound over the years, which is quite remarkable considering the amount of time it has been open for business.

During the summer months, it can get boiling in Arizona. It is not unusual for the high temperatures to soar past 100 degrees during this time of year. Because of its location on a relatively high elevation near North Mountain and exposure to the sun, there have been times when the interior of this Church has reached oppressive heat conditions. However, through innovative adaptations and effective management techniques over the years, the parish has maintained a comfortable environment for its congregants even under these extreme weather conditions.

They have done so by using an exciting combination of modern technology and traditional design features. For example, air conditioning units within filtered plenum boxes attached directly to windows help keep things cool while allowing light into the sanctuary. The open design of the sanctuary, combined with the large stained glass windows, creates a naturally lit space while allowing for cool breezes to flow through.


Saint Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church, the landmark among Catholics and non-Catholics who live in the area. It is located at 35th Avenue and Dunlap in North Phoenix. According to residents, the Church is a More than a quarter-million dollars was spent remodeling Saint Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church from 1989 – 1991. In 1991 there were 19 priests from several churches that served the Sunnyslope community. The Catholics in Sunnyslope are primarily Hispanic.

Saint Joan of Arc was initially built in 1948 at 602 E Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

In 2010, a petition was circulated to raise money for a new church building. The local Catholics wanted a larger space for the growing Latino Catholic population in Sunnyslope. Also, they were concerned about the lack of parking space and seating inside the existing building that was constructed in 1948. In 2011, Saint Joan of Arc opened near 7th Street and Dunlap Avenue in Phoenix, AZ.

The new Church’s architecture is made up of pink stone walls with large stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes that represent Mexican Catholicism which includes an image of the Virgen de Guadalupe on one wall where Masses are offered in Spanish followed by Masses in English for other congregations who attend services at Saint Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church.

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